How to install Openhab2 on PiVCCU?


A short note: I am willing but have no Linux knowledge whatsoever.

I started out with a Homematic AP and two shutter actors as well as three TP-Link wifi plugs operated through mobile app and Alexa. As the amount of actors grows, I am digging deeper into the topic. My goal now is to unify all actors under one platform (OH2). So I bought a Pi3 B+ and installed a RPI-RF-MOD. Trying different installations, I came from OH2 (no access to Homematic actors) via Homegear (no access to TP-Link actors) to PiVCCU. Not being an IT pro, this has been quite challenging, but so far all installation worked (at least sooner or later). But now I am stuck again and hope for friendly help (even though you most likely consider this to be peanuts).

As far as I understood my current setup is “only” missing OH2. Then I finally should be able to operate Homematic AND TP-Link (and others) together under OH2. Right? If so: how do I now get OH2 installed on the existing PiVCCU setup? Do you by chance know about a step-by-step manual which I can’t find or can provide one?

Well I doubt very few beside you know what PiVCCU is at all (I don’t either) so I guess you won’t find anyone.
You could try it along the instructions for manual install and try googling if you get hung.
But as a non-IT pro your best bet probably is to go with a mainstream solution instead (RPi and openHABian), else you will likely keep running into issues in the future because of your non-mainstream approach.

Thank you, @mstormi for your thoughts! As a matter of fact I just succeeded with my blindfolded approach:

  1. Preparations:
  2. Install Java:
  3. Install OH2:

Proud of myself (if you allow). Next challenges waiting.