How to integrate a dimmer?

Hi there,

I have a dimmer switch with which I would like to control a fan.

I was able to add the switch as dimmer to my Hue brdige through the app (iPhone) and I can control it from there perfectly. I can reduce the speed by setting it to 50 or max speed with 100. Fine so far.

Now I added this switch as thing by discovery which found it perfectly.

I created an item from there:
Number Dimmer_Stall_Luefter "Dimmer für den Lüfter im Stall" <dimmer> { channel = "hue:0820:ecb5fa25e37a:2:dimmer_switch" }

And added it to my sitemap (curerntly no rules);
Slider item=Dimmer_Stall_Luefter label="Stallüfter" minValue=0 maxValue=4000
Note: I could not use a “Dimmer Item” as Openhab complained about numbers between 0 and 100.

I can see some value in BasicUI but whatever I do with this slider- on the vent just nothing happens at all!

Anyone having an idea why I can not control the dimmer switch through OpenHab?

Tell us more about this. Why do you want to use 4000 ?

Have you looked in openhab.log, to see what the binding makes of being sent values like 4000 on a dimmer channel?

Background; all openHAB Dimmer Items are alike, by design, 0-100%
Any matching to particular technology e.g. to 0-255 or 0-4000 etc. should be taken care of by the binding, that’s its job.

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damn! I used the wrong channel somehow…

Appears to be working now.
Here’s my configuration:

Dimmer Dimmer_Stall_Luefter "Dimmer für den Lüfter im Stall" <dimmer> { channel = "hue:group:ecb5fa25e37a:3:brightness" }


        Item Dimmer_Stall_Luefter changed
        if ((Dimmer_Stall_Luefter.state < 55 )&&(Dimmer_Stall_Luefter.state >0 )) {
                // Needs to be above 55 as minimum value for the vent

Slider item=Dimmer_Stall_Luefter label="Stallüfter"

Thanks for replying!