How to integrate Nest Protect *and* Nest Cam at the same time?

I still have an non-migrated Nest Account along with my Google Account. I do use WWN to integrate my Nest Protect into OH. I avoided migrating my Nest Account to still have this ability.

The SDM API currently does not support Nest Protect devices.
To be able to use the SDM API it is required that you use a Google Account with your Nest devices. If you still use the WWN API, you can no longer use the WWN API after migrating to a Google Account.

Source: Nest - Bindings | openHAB

Today I wanted to setup and test a Nest Cam (outdoor or indoor, battery) and a Next Cam (indoor, wired - 2nd generation). When setting up the camera in the Google Home App (v2.47.78.2, Android) it says, I need to migrate my nest account in order to use the camera. I did not do it (yet), bc I don’t want to lose access to my Nest Protects in OH.
I also want to test the Next Cam with floodlight, but I think I’ll get stuck at the same point as with the others.

Is it possible to set up the Cam and still have access to the Nest Protects in OH? If yes: How to achieve this?