How to listen on multiple UDP port


I have a set of devices built by different manufacturers and I want to use openHAB to control all of them. These devices send UDP packet on different port (8000, 8500, etc.) and I have an item for each of these devices.

Here some of my items:
Switch Socket_Switch "Switch on/off the socket" <socket> {udp=">[ON:], >[OFF:], <[*))]"}


Switch Light_Switch "Switch on/off the light" <light> {udp=">[ON:], >[OFF:], <[*))]"}

I need to bind OpenHAB to port 8000 and 8500 to receive all the packets from all my devices. The problem is I can specify only 1 port in the openhab.cfg.
I need to to something like that:

How can I bind openHAB on multiple UDP ports?


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