How to make a scene with Z-Wave


i am very new to openHAB, please be patient with me. With Item Linking in Simple Mode i added a Fibaro Switch for turning Light on/off and a Fibaro Motion Sensor. This two steps are working. But now i do not know how to create a scene for turning Light on if Motion Sensor detect motion. I am looking since yesterday for a solution, but i can not find anything. Please can somebody give some information how to solve this?

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One version with the expire binding, one version with timers:

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Thanks for reply sihui!
But i do not understand anything what is described in that post. I am a real beginner without any experience. Is it possible to get a step by step information?

You need to start from the beginning
Before wanting to do complicated rules, start with simple ones.
Learn to walk before running

Start there: and there: