How to make chart texts and lines darker / thicker via CSS


I’m new to openhab and so I’m new to HABpanel, too. The eyes of my father are not the best anymore and he has especially problems with low contrasts. Unfortunately lot of texts are and lines are light gray and/or small. Is there a way to change this behavior e.g. via CSS and if it can be changed: how :slight_smile:

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I’m using the n3-line-chart and it looks like this:

IMHO the contrast is better and the possibility to fill the area below the chart-line does help.
Sorry, but I have no clue on how to change the font size.

I’m using the same chart type. What color schema are you using for the dashboard?


Thanks - tested it. doesn’t really help. So - back to square one. Any e.g. CSS hints?

Depending on the sample density enabling the data points helps tho thicken the graph line

Theme: Material
Density: 4h / 1D / 2W
Data size: 12h

Finally I found a way to enlarge fonts in a chart (and that’s helps readability for my father) by using the font scaling option for dashboards. The only thing missing right now is to change the font color. For whatever reason they are printed dark on the desktop and light gray on a tablet.

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