How to make custom slider working for Dimmer in Habpanel?

I am trying to make a custom slider in custom theme to use for dimmers. However, I have difficulty to make it working with the percent value sent(or increase/decrease) when moving the slider.

Here is part of my widget code:

      <div ng-repeat="item in itemsInGroup('Parter_Sciemniacze')">
     		<div class="widget wide">
          <div id="slidersize">
                <!-- Brightness slider bar -->
                <div class="init" style="display:none;" ng-init="verticalSlider = { value: 0, options: { floor: 0, ceil: 100, step: 1, showSelectionBar: true, vertical: true} };">
                <rzslider class="custom-slider" rz-slider-model="verticalSlider.value" rz-slider-options="verticalSlider.options" ng-click="sendCmd(, verticalSlider.value)"></rzslider>
          <div class="name">{{item.label}}<div class="value">{{item.value}}</div></div>

Any ideas what am I missing?