How to make OpenHab make a phone call?

Hi all,

I’ve searched but couldn’t find anything specific or tutorials on how to achieve that, that usually means I’m going in the wrong direction. Specially in openhab where I’m such a noob.

My idea was to make phone calls everytime my movement sensor triggers when my family (mobiles) are not on the network, I made it to work with Telegram IM but how many times we dismiss notifications on mobile, or even sometimes not connected due to roaming etc.

It seems Plivo/Twilio free trial allows to make some limited amount of calls:

I wouldn’t even need to pick-up the call, but this would “alarm” me better than Telegram IMs.

And I saw someone in another post that REST API for PLIVO is simple, so, has anyone ever tested this? Or is there any binding for Plivo/Twilio? I’m looking at the HTTP binding but I’m a bit noob, if you have any pointers I would appreciate.

Here is how to make a call in Plivo:

Tks alot!

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There are some threads here, e.g.

Do you use VoIP? Any additional hardware/software (I’m using asterisk here, so I have the option to use the solution in this thread)

Hi, tks! No I don’t have any hw/sw for VOIP, my idea was trying to have as less moving parts as possible, I’ve read about asterisk etc but was wondering if I could do it without…

Sure, but then you will need hardware. Where is your phone plugged in?

I recommend to use CallMeBot API to make Telegram Phone Calls (ringing your phone and reading the message that you want with TTS).

It is free and easy to use. No Account/Registration/Bot is required. Only using the CallMeBot API.

Have a look here:

I use it for urgent notifications and it is working very well.