How to make the openhabian-config command work when installing on linux?

Hello friends! I have a khadas vim2 board and I installed the armbian operating system on it. Successfully installed openhab according to the instructions from the website, everything works fine. But I would also like the openhabian-config command to work as in the image for raspberry pi. Is it configurable? I immediately apologize for the text, I use a translator.Thank you in advance for the answers!

No. openHABian requires a genuine Debian Linux to install on.

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Thank you for such a quick response! Is it possible to somehow install the original image on khadas vim2(emmc) like on a raspberry pi? I would be happy to do this, but I didn’t find any instructions. I know how to make an sd card, but I don’t want to use it if there is an emmc.

I don’t think so but try for yourself. Try the fake hw option.

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