How to manage free protocol enabled AC from Loon

Hello all,

I have AC from Sinclair installed in my house. There are 4 in-door units and one out-door unit. I am able manage them via EWPE Smart application on my mobile. All four units are visible in the app, no issue at all.

I have OH 3.3.0 running on RPI4 all updated with GREE protocol binding as in-door units have wifi modules and GREE protocol enabled. Again no issue at all, I can see all units in OH and I am able to manage them.

I have also Loxone installed in my house. Obviously I have Loxone binding installed and again no issue, I can see in OH what I want. I can also manage devices in Loxone via OH e.g. Zigbee contact in OH opened switch on light on Loxone, no issue at all.

Now the question. Can I see/manage these AC units in Loxone? Is there any way how to present OH items/things in Loxone?


Jan K.

Probably not unless Loxone has explicit support for that which is unlikely.