How to migrate my OH from Synology NAS to Qnap NAS

Hi folks,

I’m going to migrate my OH3 living in a virtual machine managed by Virtual Machine Manager on my Synology NAS, to a new QNAP NAS, virtual machine but managed by the qnap app called “Virtualization Station”.

I didn’t find a good solution to export and then import the entire VM, so the idea I’ve had is to create from scratch a new Vm in the QNAP NAS, then restore the backup of the data than I’ll do previously on the first VM.

Inside the VM I’ve a debian host, with openhabian and OH 3.4.1. The backend is a docker container with influxdb.

Is this the right way? In case, what is the right process to follow for backup/restore?

thanks for any hint/suggestion


I think openhabian has some sort of backup/restore type of functionality although from my understanding is that it’s complicated to use.

In any case, for just the openhab installation, you just need to backup the following directories

  • conf
  • userdata
  • addons (this might be empty if you haven’t installed any custom addon jar files manually)

If you transfer those three directories to a fresh, brand new clean installation of openhab, it should basically become a clone of your old installation.

Again, this only deals with openhab itself.

In openhabian, there are other services that it can install and configure for you in addition to openhab, so you’ll have to copy those across too, if you use them. For example, mqtt broker, influxdb, etc.

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openHABian has three backup/restore options which cover different things and are more or less complicated depending on what they cover.

  • Amanda: whole system incremental backups, most comprehensive but also most complex
  • SD Card Mirroring: not applicable here
  • Raw SD card copies to another file system
  • Rsync
  • openhab-cli: Only backs up the openHAB configs using openhab-cli

One cool thing that it supports though is you can take a backup using the third option and copy it to a well known location on the new machine and it openHABian will bring up the new system with those configs the first time. But I don’t know if it works on VMs. It might only work on SBCs like RPis and not on VMs though.

openhab-cli is as simple as it gets though. Run it and you get a nice zip file of all your OH configs that you can move and restore as needed. For everything else though you are on your own.

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To use OH3 in QNAP without VM you may acquire this qpkg. Then copy these folders from Syno VM to QNAP:

  • addons
  • conf
  • userdata\ all folders except cache etc logs tmp

Paying for a package that will be obsolete in 3-4 months (when OH4 will be out) may not be the best option, but I was able to “convert” that package to use OH4 instead.

question: better to stay with OH3 or move to OH4? do you think we’ll have an option in openhabian to move to OH4, sooner or later?

Wait for at least RC version before upgrading, unless there’s a specific feature in 4.0 that you must / want to have. 3.4.x is pretty nice and stable so there should be no urgent need to upgrade. Fixes are still being backported into 3.4.x

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another possible question: is still the docker not viable for people having the zwave binding (so a usb dongle to use)?

It not completely clear what you are asking, but if you are asking if you can pass USB devices like the Zwave controller into a Docker container, the answer is yes, of course you can.

QTS (QNAP’s operating system) may not have the hw drivers to support the dongle, probably you have to install this