How to mount a MyBookWorld NAS to use with Amanda (openHABian beginner)

I have seen a couple of threads here about Amanda and mounting a NAS but since I am totally new with openHABian, Amanda, even Linux I can’t figure it out. Could somebody guide me through the steps of actually creating that local folder, then mounting the NAS (I already created a folder with username/password + r/w) and then how to actually install and setup from the openHABian Configuration Tool? I have a software/technology background but new to Linux, openHABian. I’m just concerned that the SD card of my Raspberry Pi might go corrupt and don’t want to lose all the work I’ve been putting into setting up my smarthome hub.


I’m on my phone so can’t do a full tutorial.

How is your NAS sharing out the file share? CIFS or NFS?

Once you know take the following steps:

  1. Create a folder where you will mount the file system to. Sounds like you’ve done this.

  2. Search Google for “fstab CIFS tutorial” or “fstab NFS tutorial”

  3. Edit /etc/fstab as indicated in the tutorial you find.

  4. Run sudo mount /folder/created/above using the path to the folder created in step 1. Double check you can read and write to this folder and the file promising make sense.

  5. When going through the questions in openHABian to set up Amanda, choose the folder created in step 1 as the destination.

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The NAS admin console says both are enabled (CIFS,NFS)

Don’t know the appropriate location. is it mnt/newfolder, home/newfolder or where? (I am running openhabian)

I created a Folder Share with username/password. Where do I provide credentials, Step 3 or 4?

It doesn’t matter where. I usually use /mnt but /media is probably not appropriate. From a technical perspective you can put it anywhere. It doesn’t matter.

The answer is in step 2 where you search for tutorials to tell you how to set it up for the file system you are sharing it as (NFS or CIFS).

And use NFS only. Don’t mess with CIFS for this purpose or you’ll likely run into trouble, see the Amanda Readme. And since you have apparently missed that this was mentioned therein, better read all of it one more time.

Got it! will do! Just wanted to make sure I covered all bases 'cause I tried to do it on my own but too many unknowns came up and had to give up.

Thanks for your diligent responses!