How to "open" the garage door?

While I’m able to say “Turn on the garage door” to open the door, it doesn’t really roll off the tongue very well, and it’s likely to have low WAF. :slight_smile:

Is the phrase “Open garage door” supported, and I just have my configuration wrong?

Create a routine amazon supports them, I believ google does as well.

It isn’t supported yet… I had the same issue with shutters and couldn’t decide whether to create new intents/skills or including them in activate-object/deactivate-object. Is your garage door a Switch, or a Rollershutter?

I’ll confess after a number of months of use, I don’t find myself giving orders so often, outside the occasional “lights in the living room to X%”. Most of the time, I’ll state what I want to see with “(show me the) garage door” and use the controls on the card to operate. Maybe that’s a viable workaround for you too, at least for now.

It’s a Switch.

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m doing now for most tasks (e.g. “show me kitchen lights”, then adjust what I want).

But, when speaking into my phone, it would be handy if I could just say “open garage door” without having to provide any other input. OTOH, in those cases, it’s not a big deal to say "turn on the garage door:. It just sounds a little funny…

BTW, unrelated to the above, one thing I’ve noticed… Using Chrome on a Mac, I see some really high CPU consumption after a while (100-200%). I noticed it when my Mac got very warm… With the dev tools console open, the high CPU seems to coincide with when events are received from the OH host. I haven’t checked on any other browsers and/or platforms.

I’ve had a similar problem - on my phone it drains the battery since the SSE connection is not closed even when the app isn’t in the background anymore, so I have to make sure it’s terminated after I’m done using it. So I might have to find a way to close the event connection when the app loses focus (with and refresh the items/restore it when it’s back in focus. This should solve your problem too.

With amazon in the us you can creat a routine called “open garage door”

When you tell Alexa’s open garage door she will execute what ever steps you put in that routine. So you would set the routine to then the garage door switch on.

I know I had set these up once in google also. Can’t find the setting right now though.

Right, but that would entail using the Amazon or Google products.

I was referring to HABot, which I prefer as it doesn’t send anything to either of those companies.

Ok missed that!