How to organise a large number of channels in an item

I want to create a binding for a LED clock another member in our FabLab developed:

It can be configured by putting data into “Preset” slots, and it supports 110 of them. Each of those slots can hold one long string that describes what to do, what color the pixels of the clock face should have and also a primitive kind of scripting.

The trivial way to model this would be a Thing with 110 Channels. I fear that this would look very unmanageable in the PaperUI, especially if you have multiple clocks in the system as we are planning for our Lab. Is there a better way?

How does zwave handle this problem?

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This is a very cool project! Is it possible to find the software?

Nope, not yet. The author is planning to open-source the driver parts of it though. When that happens, I would of course give an immediate ping here.

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