How to organise/group items in Paper UI dashboard layout


I’ve been pottering about with OH1.8 for a while now and I’m very happy with it, but just thought I’d try out OH2 to see what newer, nicer looking UI’s were included. My favourite is definitely Paper UI, however at the moment I can’t see how to organise a dashboard on it (put switches in one place/group, virtual switches in another, scenes in another, weather in another, etc). It all just kind of streams down the page.

Paper UI is for configuration, you can use it to control openHAB, but it would be more common to use Basic UI or Classic UI, these make use of the .sitemaps (like in openHAB 1)

Do you already know about ? This is the official documentation (growing fast) for openHAB 2

Ok, hopefully it will evolve to be more useful for control too - I think it looks better than the other UIs.

And cheers, hadn’t checked out that site yet (only been playing around with 2 so far)

Try to use habpanel. it’s work good and is under developing now.

I think it’s intent is to only ever be an admin UI.

OK just got around to installing it - will try it over the next while