How to pair two hue bridges with openHAB 2

It was really easy to pair my two hue bridges with openHAB but wich is the right identifier for the hue bridges?

“Color Wohnzimmer1 “Deckenlampe-1” (WoziDecke, Lampen) {hue=“15”}”

does not work. How do Iselect one of the two bridges?

I would appreciate a short example as well!

Maybe there is any known tutorial around, that explains how to bind multiple bridges (including some item configurations)?

The example can be found here:

See the demo.items:

Color Light { channel="hue:LCT001:1:bulb1:color" }
Dimmer Light_ColorTemp { channel="hue:LCT001:1:bulb1:color_temperature" }

So if you want to add a Light2 from a second bridge (to be defined in the things-file as well), you would simply have

Color Light { channel="hue:LCT001:2:bulb1:color" }