How to perform OTA update - Openhab3 + Ikea Tradfri bulb

Hi there (again),
yes noob question, but …
… I have openhab3 running on RasPi and MQTT binding. Directly to OH3 I have added MQTT Thing Tradfri ikea bulb. It works well, but I see messages new firmware is available. I would like to update firmware but I am really lost about how.
I know there is an article abou OTA - OTA updates | but I really do not know what to do with " update it by sending to zigbee2mqtt/bridge/request/device/ota_update/update with payload {"id": "deviceID"} or deviceID where deviceID can be the ieee_address or friendly_name of the device, example request: {"id": "my_remote"} or my_remote ."

Especially from where send that “zigbee2mqtt/bridge/request/device/ota_update/update” and how to include that payload into syntax (friendly_name is ikeabulb)

Thanks folks

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