How to preserve values of items on reload?

I noticed that everytime I reload items file all values of state are lost. Some items get them from the phisical objects (it just take some time), but I have a few virtual (like the thermostat setting ot the software based thermostat reading the sensor on one zwave device and controlling relay on the other) where values are lost after each reload.

I added persistance with the strategy : strategy = everyChange, restoreOnStartup works fine for openhab restart or system reboot, but during the items or rules reload the values are lost.

Is there someting like restoreOnReload?


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I do not see this behaviors for items. If I reload a rule, items do not change values.
The global variables do change their value thus is “null”.
This may in effect may cause errors.
For this I have real solution other than to use items for variables that should persist.


I have the same issue. Every time I make a change I loose values. For example I have a last update time and its is —,--- tell I get an update again. I also noticed on restoreOnStartup it messed up last update time because it restores the values and counts as an update ;(. I need to track last update to find dead sensors.

Hopefully we can fund a solution.


Edit: Looks like an ongoing issue!topic/openhab/iedmeT3Ikt0