How to properly control AVM Fritz!DECT 301 thermostats?

Hi there!

I’m struggling with controlling my AVM Fritz!DECT 301 thermostates.

I’ve tried setting the temperature via the _SetTemp channel directly every couple of minutes for ensure that my setting in openHAB overrides the Fritz!Box settings, but that led to unresponsive thermostates after a while. I had to perfrom a recalibration to get them up and running again. (2 out of 3 thermostates were affected by this issue the first time; a week later still one thermostate was affected by the same issue again)

I tried changing my strategie, so I updated _ComfortTemp and set _RadiatorMode to COMFORT. But immediately after setting _ComfortTemp I could see that someone (presumably Fritz!Box) restored _ComfortTemp to the value I can see in the Fritz!Box webfrontend. Sounds like a bug to me, since I expect from a writeable channel the value will be persisted.

So what am I doing wrong? What is the pattern to properly work with these thermostates? Reading AVM Fritzbox resets Comet Dect SetPoint I get the feeling that the binding might not properly work.

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Isn’t there anyone successfully using the AVM / Comet thermostates? :slight_smile: