How to properly set up voice control

Friends, help me figure it out.

Openhab is installed on Windows Server 2022.
I connect to it through Android applications or through a Chrome on Windows.

From my phone I can send voice commands using a widget on the desktop or a microphone icon in the application. (As I understand it, this is built into the phone STT)
I’m using a text item that, when changed, is processed by a rule. But this only works from the phone.

I also send a voice response (tts) from the rule, but it does not come to the desktop of the phone or to the application on the phone, but comes to the browser on the computer… if it is open. Web Audio Sync Enabled in browser and MainUI of application.

I have installed:

  1. TTS - VoiseRSS - works great (but this is for responding to voice commands)
  2. STT - Vosk - configured correctly, but I don’t know how to check
    (Python version works great)

I don’t understand how to enable Speach To Text in OpenHab!
I can’t understand at all!

I can’t read anywhere how to do this:

  1. Server local microphone: always listen to the command and where to process this command
  2. Where and how to create a button that will activate STT in the browser (like in the app on your phone)

I can’t help with most of this but I can answer this. Nowhere. The STT feature is built by the phone app and is not generically implemented on the server.

I found most of the answers here yesterday:

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