How to protect the access to a frame or a group with a pin?

I have a frame / group with system functions (reboot, restart openhab2, shutdown etc). I want to protect the access to this frame / group by a pin. Is there a script which asks for a pin before opening the frame / group.
Thanks for any hint.

Put this in another sitemap and load this only when you need it
There is no such function in the sitemaps

Thanks Vincent!
But maintaining 2 sitemaps is not very user-friendly.
I found a solution in that post:

Input field for number/free text for openHAB UIs

Changed the field type from “text” to “password”. Save the input as item and put visibility statement in my sitemap.
This is not a real password, but I have to enter a string before the switches are available. Better than no protection at all.

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Hi Georg,
any chance to share how to do it pls ?