How to re-add Openhab to Homekit?

I changed some devices quite heavily, so I removed my Openhab from Homekit temporarily. Now, when trying to re-add, it doesn’t show up.

I am using iOS 11 and an Apple TV 4.

I already tried smarthome:homekit clearPairings without any luck. What else can I try?

Edit: Just got it working again with the following steps:

  • Quit the Homekit app on the iPhone (long-press on iPhone X, and tap the red “-” sign)
  • gave smarthome:homekit clearPairings on the command line again
  • restarted Openhab

Now, when restarting the Home app and re-adding the device, it showed up again.

Edit 2 This seems really flaky. Out of a sudden, the items I added via HomeKit didn’t respond any more. I removed them from HomeKit, and tried to re-add with the above steps, but this time without any luck.