How to realize KNX rollershutter button with long-press behaviour?

I havn’t found a solution - at not any I could understand to relelize utto now - for realizing a long-press button for rollershutter button in OH3. This is implemented in ETS as follows:

How can that be realized for a rollershutter button in OH:


If there is no delay, it happens often to start up/down unintended and this could be prevented by a long-press functionality. I assumed this could be an easy implementation in OH3, e.g. somewhere under “Add Metadata”, but I was not successful. Probably this feature is not missed by other users or it is to be realized in an other way and I’m too stupit to get it.

Some hint would be appreciated
Thanks, Klaus

No there is no such functionality in BasicUI (or Main UI, FWIW), and frankly I don’t understand why you expect that to be available in UI. It does not make any sense there.
Nobody should be clicking on a widget if he does not want it to take action.
If you want to have different actions take place, you can use multiple items, widgets and rules, eventually.

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