How to reboot my raspi from a shell

Hi experts,
as a newbe in the openhab community, I am struggeling with some maybe simple and stupid questions.

I am trying to connect to my raspi via putty or windows ssh.

With my “old and wellknown” commands ssh pi@my-raspi-at-home and the password raspberry, I have no success. Also all other combinations, that I found like openhabian:openhabian, openhabian:habianopen … does not work an I receive a simple “access denied”

the only thing, that i want to do is → sudo reboot :frowning:

So my question: what is the right username:password to access the raspi shell.


Hi @DetlefSc,

You’ll need to give some more information on the environment:

  • how did you install openhab (via openhabian image or via apt get, or even another way?)
  • is ssh enabled at all?

If you did use openhabian image, the default openhabian:openhabian should work if ssh is properly enabled.

Cheers Jonathan

Hi Jonathan,
My enviroment:
HW: Raspi 3B
SW: I used the openhabian image, where everything should be fine and prepared for beginners

To your question about “is ssh enabled?” – > I simply do not know.
With my normal raspi experiences, I use an image and install everything by hand. Here I know, that I have to use the raspi configuration to enable ssh, but with using the image, I have never seen this option.

Perhaps you can give me a hint, where I can properly enable ssh :slight_smile:


Seems like the same environment I am using :smile:

All information for installing openhabian correctly shall be found at openHABian | openHAB

IMHO, ssh should be enabled by default as openhabian is dedicated for headless use.

If ssh is not enabled, try to add a file named “ssh” (without extension) to the boot partition of the as card. See here e.g. for detailed information: How to Enable SSH on Raspberry Pi [Definitive Guide] (see section about headless mode).


Thanks for the tip…

The file ssh was missing on the boot partition.

The username to login via ssh is openhabian and the password is habopen

Means, the docu, that you provided in the link is wrong


For me the OH docu regarding openhabian is correct. User and password in ssh is openhabian:openhabian by default. I just setup a new openhabian SD card two days ago…

Are you sure, you are referencing the normal raspi shell and not the openhab console - where indeed the password is habopen by default - but belongs to the user openhab

But glad that you managed to login now :grinning:


One comment to this one: If the file exists on the partition, ssh gets enabled and afterwards the file will be deleted. ssh stays active until you would disable it.