How to: Remove a Z-Wave device: OH2 snapshot w/Z-Wave development binding?

Hi @chris.

I’m a bit confused as to what the correct procedure for removing a Z-Wave device is at the moment.
I’m on OH2 snapshot Build #1198 ~1 week old.
My Z-Wave development binding is

Say I include a device for testing, and when done I want to remove it completely both from OH2 and the stick.
Could you please describe the best way to achieve this?

For the sake of completeness: is this procedure special to snapshot/development-binding compared to release versions?


To exclude a device, select the controller in the thing page in HABmin (or PaperUI). In HABmin, there is then an option in the menu in the top right of the screen called Exclude Devices. It’s an advanced option, so you need to enable advanced in this menu as well.

In PaperUI, it’s basically the same, but there is a toggle box in the device options (again, it’s advanced, so you need to select more in PaperUI thing configuration. I’m not 100% sure I’ve tested this in PaperUI - one issue PaperUI has is it will send the configuration for all options and this might have the effect of also reinitialising the controller and not sending this command (HABmin works fine).

If you use HABmin, you’ll also get progress notifications.

Once the device is removed, you also need to delete the thing from openHAB since the binding is not able to do this now.

No - this is not specific to any particular version of the binding.

Using this button?

Yes - that’s the one…

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One last thing:
Does this mean that nothing needs to be done on the device itself?

No - this just puts the controller into exclusion mode - you’ll also need to do whatever it says in the device manual… (sorry, I should have said that!). There’s normally a button to press, or maybe press 3 times, or…

Got it.
Good to have this info in a short concise thread, since ‘the other one’ has become quite long :wink:

Also, for completeness:
If the device is no longer available for exclusion it will need to be removed using the stick-vendor’s utility app.

How much ‘damage’ will a ghost device do on the network?
Could it lead to re-transmission timeouts (5000ms)?

So I did everything that you say here but the device does not get removed from the controller.
Also, is it true that if the device is no longer available you have to remove it with the vendor’s utility software?

This was a question regarding the removal of failed/no existing devices.

Now a question on how to remove existing devices:
Is the following procedure the correct one or am I missing some steps?

  1. put the controller in exclusion mode in habmin (do I need to put it in exclusion mode manually as well?)
  2. go to the device and select “Remove the device from controller” (do I need to put it in exclusion mode manually as well)?
  3. delete the device
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To remove a failed node, you can try using Habmin (select failed node> Tools> Advanced settings> Remove device from controller, then delete the Thing. If that does not work, you will need other software, but this should not be vendor specific. The serial API is a Z-Wave specification, so standardized across vendors. Zensys Tools can be used for this (search the forum). Aeon Labs distributes a modified version with their firmware, but I’m not sure if it includes this functionality.

Just start exclusion though Habmin. As an option, you could shut down OH, unplug the Aeon Labs Zstick and exclude the device, but it’s usually easier through OH. You could also use a minimote or another zwave controller that does exclusions. The controller does not need to be on the same network as the device it is excluding.

This is for failed nodes, so no need for this step. But go to the device and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for removal. It is usually the same as inclusion. You need to put both the controller (either through OH or manually) and the device (usually a series of button presses or a hidden switch) into exclusion mode, in that order. Once excluded, delete the Thing in OH.

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