How to remove multiple BlueTooth Devices?

In PaperUI, I enabled a BlueTooth binding, and it detected close to 400 devices …
I tried to clean that up by keeping only devices I know I have, and removing everything else, but that is a very slow/laborious task.

Is there a simple/effective way to wipe out all BT bindings/devices ? …

Or am I better off starting a new/fresh install of openHabian ?

You could possibly wire up a script that does it for you using the REST API or the Karaf console. But after looking at the rest API it looks like deleting it ignoring is only supported one at a time.

But shouldn’t the inbox clear out after an oh restart? I’m pretty sure it does for the Network binding.

Theses Things also might be saved in the jsondb. You could stop oh and manually edit them out of the db.