How to replace square brackets

could someone help me?
I need to write in .items .things .sitemap my parameter from PLC foxtrot which is exemple

I try write square brackets like this
in items file:
Number Teco_AI_K_CIB[4,8] “Nazov AI_K_CIB[4,8] [%.3f]” { channel=“foxtrot:number:teco_cp1970l:AI_K_CIB[4,8]:number” }

in things file:
Thing number AI_K_CIB[4,8] [ var=“AI_K_CIB[4,8]” ]

in sitemap file:
sitemap default label=“Main” {
Frame label=“Test” {
Text item=Teco_AI_K_CIB[4,8]

but this not working. I don’t know how to replace square brackets in my parameter. I think there is collison with square brackets from my PLC and brackets which have to be in code in items thing and sitemap files.
Is possible to make solution for this?

Thank you

Don’t use any brackets in names.

You mustn’t use special characters in items and thing names.
You can (mostly) freely choose these so just replace the bracket characters with _ or similar.
Getting .things right might be another story. Check if things work first. If no, you might try using PaperUI thing definition instead. If not eventually replacing [ and ] with %5B and %5D helps.

Hi, thank you. But this brackets are from PLC (heating) program, I can not change the parameters in PLC. So I try replace with %5B and %5D

thank you

But you can freely change the brackets in your own item definitions:

Number Teco_AI_K_CIB_4_8
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Thank you guys, I try this
in items:
Number Teco_AI_K_CIB_4_8 “Nazov AI_K_CIB 4,8 [%.3f]” { channel=“foxtrot:number:teco_cp1970l:AI_K_CIB_4_8:number” }

in things:
Thing number AI_K_CIB_4_8 [ var=“AI_K_CIB[4,8]” ]

and I thing it works. Thank you :slight_smile: