How to rescue my rules

Hi all,
I run an Update a few weeks ago and now my raspi doesnt boot. This is my chance to switch to the newest openhab sw. But I want to rescue my items and rules. I put the sd card to a card reader and see the booting stuff of openhab. How can I see the item and rules files? Windows or Linux?
Im very thankful for help.


That is the whole purpose of backing up your data on somewhere other than the SD Card.

Answer to that question is Linux as the filessystem is not known by Windows.

This ( ) might help.
For an overview of software that might help to get the files back have a look here:

I had many problems with the SD cards. I had to change them once every 3-4 months. SD cards in general don’t support a lot of writes witch the logs and persistence of openhab is doing. So I moved to SSD and I didn’t had any problems in more then 3 years.
To save my configuration files I used Ext2Fsd on windows. All my configuration is done using files, I don’t know how you can recover something made in paper ui.

It’s all there in JSON formatted files in /var/lib/openhab2/jsondb. These files are also backed up on every change to /var/lib/openhab2/jsondb/backups.

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