How to restore an OpenHab backup to OpenHab in Docker & Kubernetes (minikube)?


Currently I am very lost, I am using persistent volumes (for addons, conf and userdata), hpa, service and I make everything work. I would like to recover an old backup with all the configuration that I had in native OpenHab.
I am clear that there is a possibility that I have to copy things by hand, it is not a problem.
I am doing something wrong since I am not sure if the address where I should copy my files is:


or where should I do it … and if you also need to do more things apart from copying and reviewing permissions.

I think there is something that escapes me and I don’t know if it is the docker, in kubernetes, in minikube …

Thanks for any possible help.


just copy your backup to the top level folder that act as volume for your container and extract the files:

mv /tmp/ /myvolumetoplevel/
cd  /myvolumetoplevel/
# new files in:
# then start your container


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I left this path long time ago, thanks anyway.