How to restore samba sharing after Windows 10 reset

Hello guys,
I’m not able to restore openhabian samba sharing folders with windows 10 after windows reinstallation.
I didn’t see the openhabian folders in the windws network folder…

Before reset, all warks perfectly, I think it means some Windows configuration is not correct.

Can someone help me please ?

Is it smb.conf correctly configured?

workgroup = WORKGROUP (Is it related to something in windows?)

wins upport = yes

Windows do not see shared folders

directories paths /etc and /srv is OK, i wanna have a bigger view on the main folder instead the openhab2 subfolder

Well if it worked before and you did not change anything on the OH installation, your problem is on the windows side. I remember that I had the same issue until I assigned a drive letter to the OH path, in my case:
O: \OPENHABIANPI.local\openHAB-conf

Yeah, thanks for your comment.
Indeed I added as you told O: disk drive and it work but before the thing was differents, it was a network shared forlder, now it is a drive disk.

Anycase seems work, thanks