How to rollback from 2.5 Snapshot to 2.4 Stable

Edit; Found the tutorial

Post the link you found so future readers of the forum an find it too. :wink:

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It was just the official Doco:

About 40% of the way down.

sudo apt-get update
apt-cache showpkg openhab2

And then this:

sudo apt-get install openhab2=2.xxxx

Actually: If the snapshot works for you, just keep it (there were not many changes so far anyway) and disable the repository to not update anymore.

openHAB does not have a “stable” channel with bugfix releases. If there will be a 2.4.1 for example, that would basically be a rebranded current developer version of 2.5.

HI David

Ive gone to 2.4 stable, it’s working well enough so far so no reason to change. At least I learnt how to move between releases.

I had to do:

apt-cache showpkg openhab2
sudo apt-get -y –allow-downgrades install openhab2=2.4.0-1


This did not work with my openhabian installation. When changing from snapshot to testing using openhabian-config, this is the result:

$ apt-get -y install openhab2=2.5.0~M2-1 
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
Suggested packages:
  zulu-8 | zulu-embedded-8 | oracle-java8-installer | openjdk-8-jdk-headless
The following packages will be DOWNGRADED:
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 1 downgraded, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
E: Packages were downgraded and -y was used without --allow-downgrades.
FAILED (apt)

Currently using openHAB 2.5.0~S1662-1 (Build #1662), and downgrading to testing to use 2.5.0M2.

This looks like something that needs to be fixed in the script. Please file an issue on the openhabian repo. See How to file an Issue. The repo is at

To do it by hand run

sudo apt-get -y --allow-downgrades -y install openhab2=2.5.0~M-1
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Thanks Rich. Done.

I tried to do it by hand, but that failed as well. I am just going to stick with the snapshot for now. It is working.