How to run OpenHab as a Desktop Application in Ubuntu Desktop

Hello, I am trying to run my openhab interface trough an app in ubuntu desktop, is that possible?
I already tried with Nativefier but didn’t work
If anyone can help I appreciate

Most browsers should have an option to run a webpage as desktop app

Yes I know that but I was trying to do it in other way
Thanks for your answer

What for? openHAB is intended to be running all the time as a service in the background. There’s no application there to interact with outside of the UI presented in the web browser. All you’d see is the logs generated by OH as it runs. There’s no interaction, no GUI, and nothing interesting that a human would want to interact with under normal circumstances.

Ok thanks for the answer! Next time try to not be so rude for the people that come to the community forum to get answers for their questions!! Its not the first time that I see that coming from you!! Once again thanks for help!!!

What exactly did I say that was rude?

I don’t ask rhetorical questions. Tell me “what for” and perhaps we can figure out how to get you to your end goal. There has to be some reason why you want to do this. There is some need you are trying to fill. Perhaps there is some other way to reach your goal.

But if asking for additional information and providing detailed information is rude, perhaps my usefulness on this forum has come to an end.


Sorry, that’s not fair.
You joined a few days ago, haven’t read that much here, create one post, get a proper answer and then attack Rich for not being polite enough? I don’t get it.
He is one of the members who supports as much as he can and contributes quality content in a very skilled way.
The only one getting rude for no reason seems to be you, maybe something you should think about…
We are all willing to help, but this is a noncommercial forum for an open source project and we all try our best in our spare time. If it is unclear what you want to achieve it’s legit to ask for more information.


As Rich stated, when we don’t understand a person’s goal/intention, we generally try to get people to tell us what they want to accomplish. This helps us to understand their use cases and either help them figure it out or steer them in another direction. Sometimes we don’t preface it with “please”, but that doesn’t make it rude. From your comment, it seems that you had already decided that Rich is rude before he even spoke to you. And that’s not fair to him or to yourself.

I actually feel that your response to @Matze0211 was rude, translating as a sarcastic “thanks for nothing”. That’s my interpretation, though. If you didn’t mean it that way, then perhaps you’ll appreciate that it’s very easy to misinterpret tone.

I’m not writing this to defend Rich (he doesn’t need me to do that) or chase you away (none of us want to do that). I’m just asking you to be charitable when reading other people, as we will attempt to do when reading your posts. There’s more to be gained by you sticking around and all of us getting to know each other better, as opposed to you deciding that we’re all rude and walking away.

This is the only online community I participate in, specifically because it is more civil and positive than the vast majority of Internet forums. We don’t spend all of our time criticizing and swearing at each other, calling each other names or attacking each other’s intelligence, parents, politics, and pets. We also don’t always say “please” when we’re asking questions so that we can help someone.

If you want to move past this, then let’s start by answering Rich’s question: “what for?” In my opinion, he’s not the type to hold a grudge when there’s been a misunderstanding, or refuse to help someone out of spite. That’s why I like him.