How to send a rest api command?

Hi together,
i have my first openhab2 installation, it’s a lot of fun and everything works fine. I practice to work with different bindings and different kind of rules.

Now i tried to make the LeMatric time a little bit more smarter.
It’s no problem to switch the channel or apps with the Postman rest client.

But i have totally no idea, how to send a rest api command with a OpenHab rule.
The first thing was a googled a lot. Then i installed the REST Documentation, but i think this is the wrong way.

Can someone tell some keyword or what the best way is? i didn’t found a documentation for that, or i used the wrong keywords.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

REST documentation is to send a command to openHAB2…

The http or the tcp binding should be more useful :slight_smile:

I don’t think the idea of the rest api is to send http requests from within a rule. the api is just an interface for 3rd party applications to ‘talk’ to openhab exactly as you have done with postman.
If you want to do something with a rule you can do so without using the rest api.