How to send "player" type commands to MQTT

I want to control a “player” type item over mqtt with Alexa.

There is not such “player” channel type in the mqtt binding. I have used a “string” channel type with paperUI and defined my item as a “player” type in the .items file so that I could use the alexa PlaybackController.playback:

Player pvr "pvr"  { channel="mqtt:topic:d2cfb0fd:pvr", alexa="PlaybackController.playback"}

I am able to control the player with Alexa but the commands are not sent through mqtt.

I guess I could use a rule to workaround that but I was wondering if there is a solution in the MQTT channel setup to directly send the player commands?

I would have tried it the same way (Player item to a String channel)-
Although I’m wondering how your Alexa is controlling your device at all(some AMAZON tricks?). How did you confirm the commands are NOT going via MQTT?

I am using MQTT.fx to monitor the MQTT activity and see no activity when I change the “PVR” player state through the PaperUI player control or through Alexa.

Interestingly I have noticed that I have 2 “PVR” items in the PaperUI control screen. One as a player control (play/pause, previous, next arrows) and one as a string where I could write whatever I want.

Actions on the PaperUI PVR player control have no effect on MQTT but any update on the PaperUI PVR string are sent on MQTT.fx (and vice versa).

As for Alexa, I am using the Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill that does the trick…

:thinking: As far as I understand, this skill connects to the item and not directly to any device.

The posted item is linked to a MQTT topic and (tagged ) to the Amazon Skill, how should this command from PaperUI get to the device?

Sounds to me as if it is using MQTT!