How to send/recieve UDP data? OpenHab2 on Raspberry (OpenHabian)

I just installed OH2 (OpenHabian) on Raspberry Pi 2.
I learning examples, but its all not worked on me.

  1. How to send HEX data (c0a801FA48444C4D495241434C45AAAA1001040079003101070600000003f806) on UDP port 6000 to_IP=
    If I send this from android app ( my lamp goes out

  2. How listen UDP port 6000 and processing recieving data?
    If recieve HEX data c0a801FA48444C4D495241434C45AAAA1001040079003101070600000003f806,
    then need disassemble AAAA1001040079003101070600000003f806:
    07 device ID of targeted device (my dimmer)
    06 channel No (my room)
    00 intensity (turn off)

And how it state send to OH_switch?

I am interested too.

I do sending UDP data through bash on OpenHabian on Raspberry pi 2.
From rules OH i send data:

rule "RULE_RelayZal"
    	Item RelayZal changed
    	if (RelayZal.state==ON)  {executeCommandLine("bash /etc/openhab2/scripts/ c0a801FA48444C4D495241434C45AAAA10010400790031010706640000036B25")}
    	if (RelayZal.state==OFF) {executeCommandLine("bash /etc/openhab2/scripts/ c0a801FA48444C4D495241434C45AAAA1001040079003101070600000003f806")}



echo $@ | xxd -r -p>/dev/udp/
echo 11

And do command:
chmod +x ./