How to set association group in texture thing files (zwave)


I have the texture configuration file for my zwave things and they’re working fine. I recently add an accessory switch and would like to add the associate group. How to do that in the text based configuration file? I’m using OH3 and try to do that in UI. The setting seems not saved after all.

It is not possible to configure ZWave devices via text files. If you use text files, unfortunately openHAB will prevent you from configuring the device and you will need to find alternative software to do this.

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Thanks Chris. I think I have to resort to rule and group right now. Can you suggest any software to do so?

I think this may be a workaround:

  1. Use the UI to add the accessory switch.
  2. Configure the associate group.
  3. Remove the thing from UI.

It’s not recommended to mix the texture configuration and the UI configuration for things. It seems the association stays once it’s configured.