How to set up master Pushup Rule

I would like to have a rule on OH3.2 (textfiles) which catches all messages coming from different rules and sends the messages via Pushover.

rule "Message when Button pushed"
  Item Button changed
 Pushover_message.postUpdate(Button changed;soundBike)

But I don’t know how to deal with “Button changed” (MESSAGE) and “soundBike” (SOUND).

rule "Pushover master"
    Item Pushover_message received update
            logInfo("PUSHOVER","Message has been caught and sent")
            val actions = getActions("pushover", "pushover:pushover-account:SOUND")
            actions.sendHtmlMessage("MESSAGE", "openHAB3")

In the UI this would be simple. In text files, first of all Pushover_message must be a String Item. As such, the update you post to it must be a String. What you are updating it to now is syntactic nonsense. Put it in quotes.

Then in your received update rule you’ll need to parse the String "Button changed;soundbike" and pass them to the action as the action requires.

If you don’t need a return value, you might put the Pushover_Message code into a Rules DSL Script and call it using the callScript() action. Actions | openHAB.

In the UI, the easiest would be to create a Script with the Pushover_message and call that from your rules that want to send the message. You can pass values to the called rule or use the sharedCache.

:frowning: hanks for your reply.

I tried it this way:

rule "Pushover Master"
    Item PushoverMessage received update
    logInfo("PUSHOVERMASTER","Rule getriggert")
    if (PushoverMessage.state == 1) {
            logInfo("PUSHOVERMASTER","Washer is FINISHED as it was ACTIVE before - POMASTER")
            val actions = getActions("pushover", "pushover:pushover-account:soundBike")
            actions.sendHtmlMessage("Washer is FINISHED as it was ACTIVE before - POMASTER", "openHAB3")
    if (PushoverMessage.state == 2) {
            logInfo("PUSHOVERMASTER","Dishwasher is FINISHED as it was ACTIVE before - POMASTER")
            val actions = getActions("pushover", "pushover:pushover-account:soundBike")
            actions.sendHtmlMessage("Dishwasher is FINISHED as it was ACTIVE before - POMASTER", "openHAB3")
    else {


It works except that the pushover message is not sent :frowning:

I got this errors:

[INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item 'PushoverMessage' changed from 2 to 1
[INFO ] [hab.core.model.script.PUSHOVERMASTER] - Rule getriggert
[INFO ] [hab.core.model.script.PUSHOVERMASTER] - Washer is FINISHED as it was ACTIVE before - POMASTER
[ERROR] [internal.handler.ScriptActionHandler] - Script execution of rule with UID 'pushovermaster-1' failed: null in pushovermaster

That’s going to be an issue with the Pushover binding or service. I don’t use Pushover so can’t help with that.

Problem solved :slight_smile:

The “soundBike” thing didn’t exist.

Thing pushover:pushover-account:soundBike		[ apikey="xxxxxx", user="yyyyyy", sound="bike" ]