How To Setup A Fixed Static Ip For Your Philips Hue Bridge Without DHCP

I like things to have a static ip address following a certain pattern when it comes to my home network. This makes it a lot easier to debug when something goes wrong.
Unfortunately, my ISP provided router does not allow me to fiddle with the DHCP settings.

I just found out how to configure my Hue Bridges with a static ip address and couldn’t find a topic about this in the forum. Thought it would be nice to share.

What you have to do:
Create a new Hue Bridge api user
If you haven’t yet created your hue bridge api user, follow this guide by phillips.

Assign the ip
Get yourself a tool similar to so you can send REST requests to the bridge.

  • As action, use PUT
  • As URL, use http://[bridge-ip]/api/[bridge-user]/config
  • As body:
    { "ipaddress":"[new-ip]", "dhcp":false, "netmask": "[network-netmask]", "gateway": "[network-gateway]" }
    For example:
    { "ipaddress":"", "dhcp":false, "netmask": "", "gateway": "" }


i have registered an account on this site just to say thank you Robin for posting this information. i usually don’t take the time, but this one was specially useful and i was quite pissed about not making it work. thanks!!!


I feel honored and am glad I could help!