How to setup deconz!

I am new here and I just tried to use the deconz Addon but I don’t know how to set up this Addon (like the IP address and API key)

Thank you for your Attention and future help

Thank you but I’ve done it like explained but I can’t add these things to my control panel


  1. What OS do you use? Is your openhab running on raspberry or any other platform?
  2. Where is you deconz app running? Can you open its webpage? Is deconz and openhab installed on the same server?

What version openHAB are you on?

What port do you have deconz running on?

Yes i can open the Deconz app and also controll the stuff and i am running both on the same raspberry

I run Deconz on no port and i have the newest openHab version

Here are is apicture:

As i can see, deconz is up and running fine on openHab… At least, IKEA sensor was discovered. What exactly doesn’t work? deConz thing from your screen is not a device - it’s just a bridge, which allows to connect devices to openHab, it’s not a, let’s say, real sensor or device. If you need to add a new device - make sure that you added it to deConz app first, and then it will appear in your inbox in openHab.

I get it now but I have some other problems:
I have a Phillips Color Light but I only see this:

and no option to turn it on or off. I tested it also in ioBroker and there you can see a special Object for turning the light off and on.

You’ll need the HUE binding for lights. The deConz binding is only for sensors. See

deCONZ also acts as a HUE bridge. This binding is meant to be used together with the HUE binding which makes the lights and plugs available.

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As i can see from previous post, HUE bridge is installed - see screen from mor_2003 3 posts before, Phoscon-GW thing is a HUE Bridge.

The problem was discussed a few time before on the forum and mostly is related to problem with missing switch channel. An item with type switch must be created manually and mapped to color channel .

@mor_2003, check, please, the solution in hue binding documentation

Or here [SOLVED] Setting up HUE lights for dimmer AND ON/Off switch

Do you have to manually add the deconz thing?
The Hue Bridge and the Phoscon-Gateway were automatically discovered by the Hue Binding.
But I did not get a deconz thing after installing the deconz binding.

@Bernd_Ritter what openHAB version are you on? The auto discovery should work on 2.5. You have to install the deconz binding.

Openhab version is 2.5.4,
deconz binding is installed, but no deconz thing is discovered.

Edit: I manually added the deconz thing in PaperUI and also managed to get it online.

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what did you do to get it online?
I manually added the deconz thing manually and it is still offline.

Thank you

Sorry, but I don’t remember. Did you try to restart OpenHAB?

Can you post an update of where you are at on your issue?

The manually added deconz thing says “offline communication_error”
All lights and switches work pretty well by the hue binding.

Already tried by phoscon app the discover mode and searched for new things.
This also did not connect deconz.

In the manually added thing the Api key and websocket sections are still empty…

Ideas? Thanks.


Update: Success.
I wrote in the first step into the deconz thing the IP from the raspberry (eth0).
In the RestApi section of deconz software also a iO IP is presented.
I changed to this IP. Pushed the discover button in phoscon and tada, everything was there including my xiaomi temperature sensor.
Seems I can remove the hue binding.


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