How to setup Eclipse in order to work on my fork of OH2-addons?

With the help of you all I got the tankerkoenig binding merged.
But now I wonder how to setup Eclipse in order to work on my fork of OH2-addons, instead of working directly on the “core” OH2-addons.
When developing a new binding, I could import a fork and then load the binding that was not in the “core” OH2-addons. How would I do that now?
Or am I on the wrong track again?

Maybe I can’t explain where my problem is.
I have a fork of openhab2-addons which connected via git to the copy of it on my local machine.
I seem to be unable to setup Eclipse in a way that when changing anything on a binding of openhab2-addons, that those changes go into to local copy of my fork.
The changes made there always go into the local copy of the openhab2-addons-master.

This is absolutely fine.
Navigate to your openhab2-addons-master git folder and type

git remote -v

You shoud have two entries, one for pull and one for push.
The push entrie should link to your fork on git.
If you are not seeing your fork, you can add it with

git remote add upstream "".

I see that:

origin (fetch)
origin (push)

Do I understand correctly, writing to the local copy of the openhab2-addons-master is ok, with the above settings a commit will go to my fork?

Just to make sure, BEFORE I make some mistakes.

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Yes, absolutely.

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Having a nights sleep over it, I figured my question was asking in the wrong direction. It should have read: How to connect the addon directory used by Eclipse to my fork of the addons.

You can always just import other projects from different directories: Right click in the packet explorer ->Import… -> Existing Projects into Workspace. So you can checkout your fork into another directory and import from there. Or you just change the git working copy as suggested above:

git remote add bla "".
git checkout bla master

Cheers, David