How to setup openHAB in 5 Minutes

Hi Guys,

I have been using openHAB for a while and I am starting to put together some videos. This is one of my first, but I plan to start making tutorial videos of the projects I have been working on with all your help.

If you interested please subscribe, and if you have comments or suggestions for videos/tutorials I can make feel free to let me know.

Oh, and be kind - I am just starting out learning video / editing so I promise if you think they suck now - they will get better! :slight_smile:


Nope, they don’t. Keep up that nice work!

Thanks! Made my day!

done :slight_smile:
Very nice video!

Great video thanks (subscribed :slight_smile: )
If I may suggest dropping the music for future videos (or have some bit calmer/less distracting) :slight_smile:

Video was very well done. Hopefully this kind of video will make openHAB more accessible for new users.

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I agree. Videos about the product/system is important factor in deciding the system.
3 years ago when I started with domoticz, it was because neither openhab nor domoticz had any good videos showing some insides about how they work or anything basically. So just by reading suggestions on the internet I went with domoticz.
Then I overgrown it and almost went with Home assistant as there are good videos about it, so you get to “know” the system before investing (a lot of) time in it.

Luckily Kai published some videos from seminars(speeches) in the time when I was deciding the next system, and they sold med into openhab (and of course I read a lot in the forums where I figured out that community is very helpful and technically skilled).

So, more videos are welcome! :slight_smile:

Hey Yoyo!

I too do believe in the “power” of a video and was hence thinking about a videos section over at

I like your videos pretty much. You have a nice way of explaining everything and your video mojo is also to the point.

I was thinking for a while…
I’d love to have an “openHAB overview” video in a central place of the documentation. I was thinking of an introductional video just as @dakipro asks for, including something along the line “openHAB is an open source … it can be installed on… configuration happens like this … the result can look like this … EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE” :slight_smile: Of course I’m pretty open on the details.

The important question is: Would you be interested to have some of your videos linked in the official documentation and if so, would you also like to create some especially for that? I and other users could help with the details of course.

Best regards and happy recording, Thomas


also mention that it works offline, I see on facebook that a lot of people struggle with SmartThings (or what is the name of samsung hub), as from time to time it just goes offline, and they cannot control the lights, or the lights come on in the middle of night when samsung updates the hub.
While the openHab is a serious robust solution worth investing time into.

Wow, thanks for the positive feedback everyone!

I would be interested in this! I am trying to improve my editing/lighting videos in general and this is a topic I am interested in. I would be totally open to creating some just for that! I have already started thinking about one specific like you suggested “introduction to openHAB” to help people decide why this is the best solution! :slight_smile:

I have the offline suggestion from @dakipro as well - keep them coming.

Not sure who is responsible for the site, but link away / share away! - and let me know if there is something specific I can work on!

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Not to spam the topic, but for me as a beginner with openhab, possibility to have items defined in files is a really really good thing. Disclaimer I do work as a developer, so coding and editing files is perfectly fine for me.

It is great that things work automatically trough the paper UI, and that should also be emphasized as well as it is a good selling point for less tech savvy and for beginners, but having the possibility to do the same in files is maybe equally important. It is so much easier to organize files and items and rules and everything in general. Not to mention easy backup and versioning.

One thing I was struggling a lot with domoticz is the list of hundreds of “virtual” devices, and finding and managing them trough the web ui is pure masochism. Having them in multiple files, logically named, and the possibility to write a comment around them is just a game changer for me.

Another thing is that not all systems (domoticz f.eks) have the option to add external/additional modules and plugins, I think that it is work in progress in openhab, but it is coming.

Also as mentioned before, clear roadmap of the project, what are the goals and plans and the big picture, as well as the internal architecture is very important for people when they are choosing HA system, as once people make a choice they are going to invest some time (years) into the system, so it is important that project shows the progress and future plans, to show that it will stay around. Not that everyone will understand it, but they will see that it exists :slight_smile:

Maybe @ThomDietrich a new topic could be opened so that more people can participate, something like “Video introduction - your suggestions needed” :slight_smile:

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Hi Yoyo,

Being new to OpenHAB, some subjects I struggle with are things like:

How to add bindings to the add-on list
Device examples/suggestions
How to set up vatious things, ie. (could be a “best practices”-type thing)

  • lights
  • thermostats
  • garage doors
  • smoke/CO alarms
  • flat panels
  • cameras (Arlo, etc.)
  • etc.

I hope this gives you a few ideas…

Thank you.


I thought about creating some YouTube content for OH too, but had no time yet to dig deep enough into it for the quality I wanted to reach.

If you are interested in help and raw content in the future I am willed to help.
Currently I am a focused a bit on helping out with the docs, but video docs would be a nice addition especially for some complex tutorials.

I could imagine something like ‘influxdb+grafana from scratch’ or ‘openHAB multi device communication with mqtt from scratch’ on the long run.
But first beginner topics would be most important in my view.
Many things like openhabian aim on making it as easy as possible for a beginner to start with openHAB and that’s were video tuts can help.