How to setup Yale YRD210 Z-Wave properly


I purchased a Yale YRD210 as I saw it already in the ZWave database in habmin product explorer. I am able to get it joined to my Raspberry Pi with the Z-Stick Gen-5 controller. In Habmin it shows up as Node5 but the Value is "Yale Locks [ID:0,Type:4]. In my logs I see this is an unknown device. How can I modify the Value of the node to match what is in the database, or Product Explorer tab of Habmin?

Currently running openHab 1.8.2 with Z-Wave 1.8.0 and Habmin 1.7.0.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

This is not supported in the current binding since at the moment security classes are not incorporated. This might change soon, but that’s the current situation

Ok, perhaps I am looking at this wrong. Are you stating the secure command classes are not incorporated, or just any device for security (locks, etc) are not incorporated?

I checked these locations, to see if it uses secure command classes, and both show unsecure supported, secure not supported.

Or am I just thoroughly confused on the database website definitions?

Yes - exactly. The current binding does not support security classes which are used by the locks.

Ok, bummer. I thought the issue with locks was the secure/non-secure messaging and not the entire security command class. I should have done more homework before purchasing. Thanks for the clarification.

The secure messaging is the security command class…

As I said earlier, this might get resolved soon, so stay tuned…

Hi just checking to see if there, or will be, any updates to the secure messaging in Z-Wave binding?

I’m still working on a few issues, but i have this device working with my system and hopefully will have something to release soon.


Hi Chris, do you have any updates on this device? Thanks

Oh yes, more than 400 posts :slight_smile:

And Z-Wave on OH2, I have some upgrade work to do! Thanks!

I am back up and running on Openhab2 and have started to attempt this again. However I cannot get the YRD210 to securely connect. I have deleted from Z-Wave controller, deleted from “items” and also factory reset the unit. Every time it is included in the Z-Wave network as node12, but it is not using security. I see the password is set in the controller by default. Do I need to change that? Also note the lock is less than 6" from Zwave controller. I just updated to the latest June 11 2017 Zwave build this morning.