How to show documentation/API in Visual Studio Code

when I use Visual Studio Code and have some code that I dont know, how can I get shown the API documentation to that?
On the github feature list there is written that when you have the openhab extension installed and you press “Alt+Shift+0” it shows the documentation. Is that what I am looking for? Unfortunately this key combination does nothing for me :wink: Any idea?

Currently this feature is not available. The new search function of the openHAB website does not support this kind of search function, see also:

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Sorry this list is “a bit” outdated.
We had some major chances last days and weeks and this will be on the todo list for the next extension release of course.

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Where can I see about the changes that are going on in openhab? I am curious about that.

You can follow the commits in our github repo, if you would like to see code. ->

Alternatievely you can checl the merged Pull Requests for more information. ->

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