How to silence an alarm from Smoke Detector FGSD-002?

Hi there,
I am in the process of getting new Smoke detectors for our home. I have one FGSD-002 already bought and testing it right now. I was able to bind it to my openHAB without a problem. I get battery level and temperature readings.

I did not test the alarm functionality or the alarm propagation yet.

Before I buy more I have the following question I hope someone can answer:

When the fire or smoke alarm triggers, is there a way to silence the acoustic alarm? preferable from openHAB or at least manually. And if so, would this silence all connected smoke detectors? I could not find a clear answer to this.



I believe that connected smoke detectors are not allowed to offer remote silencing, because it’d be too easy for someone to automate the task and silence alarms without actually checking if there’s a fire.

The Nest Protect allows you to silence an alarm from the Nest app, but you basically have to be standing right underneath the alarm that’s detecting smoke. So really, it’s about not having to get a ladder to reach a smoke detector on a 13ft ceiling while it’s sounding off. Even then, they only allow you to silence some alarms.

There was a recent discussion that doesn’t answer your question, but that you might find interesting/useful.

For manual silence please have a look into the user guide

If fire alarm is triggered, but the level of smoke did not exceed
concentration equal to three times of the sensitivity set in
parameter 1 (the individual levels of sensitivity are printed on the
device enclosure), user can mute sound alarm by holding the
B-button (temporarily reducing the sensor’s sensitivity). Visual
indicator will still indicate an alarm state by blinking red. If smoke
level exceeds concentration equal to three times of the sensitivity
set in parameter 1, mute will automatically turn off and the device
will start alarming fire again (using visual and audible indicator).