How to SNMP set from within the rule?

I have a really annoying solar inverter that is super unfriendly to interface over snmp.
In order to get today energy production from it I first need to SET a certain OID to today date in the format “YYYYMMDD” then wait about 10 seconds and other OID will then hold total energy production in Wh in hex register.

The plus is that It does hold last month of production in some kind of internal DB. But I only need current value and if I get it into OH2 I can then call it back from persistence service in a brisk.

So the question is how do I perform the SNMP SET and GET from within the rule that I will crone to run every 5 minutes. As the normal binding that does pooling every x seconds is not going to work here.


sooo, from what i found a way to do it is executeCommandLine()
but then I need somehow get the output back to the OH, how to do in an easy way?