How to start Harmony Hub activity

And the next binding I’m trying to migrate to OH2 :grin:

In OH1, I was able to start activities on Harmony Hub like this:
String HarmonyFilm "Film" <video> (gHarmonyActivities) { channel="harmonyhub:hub:HarmonyHub:>[start:Film]" }
and then use it in the sitemap as switch:
Switch item=HarmonyFilm

In OH2, this doesn’t work anymore. What’s the correct syntax?

It looks like you need to query the REST API to determine what the correct buttonPress is to send.

Thanks a lot! I thought the ButtonPress are only for the devices, not for the whole activites. It did work like that now.
It works a bit different than before, but it looks even better in the sitemap. So basically I now have one single item:

and use multiple switches as described in the documentation:
Switch item=Harmony_Activity_Current mappings=[PowerOff="PowerOff"]

Thanks! :thumbsup: