How to switch to dark mode theme?

I would like the MainUI interface to be darkmode everywhere for all users all the time. How do I do this? It’s probably super simple, but I can’t figure out how to change from light mode to dark mode, and depending on the device visiting MainUI, which theme is chosen seems almost arbitrary.

Is there a setting for this somewhere?

In the “Help & About” menu option from the left-hand menu bar, you will find the theme options.

Ah, thanks! Will changing the theme from Auto to Dark change it on all devices, or will I manually need to adjust this for each device?

Just for the device you are making this changes.

Is there a way to enforce dark mode by design ? The current solution (with login, setting only for this device) is not working reliably. Whenever the cache is cleaned, sometimes when the browser starts, the setting is gone.

I tried setting the background black, but that leaves all controls white and (dont know how to change that) also the top bar and the footer.
Also, if the setting if per device, how would users without password make the change ? That makes dark mode an admin priviledge :open_mouth:

Here is a manual of the color themes. Unfortunately, the theme goes into the class tag. Don’t know how to slip it in there.

<body class="color-theme-red">

Maybe thats something for OH5 then …