How to tag existing text rules as schedule

I just migrated from OH2.5.5 to OH 3.0.2

I am using my OH 2 rules (textrules).
OH 3 has schedules which are using rules, taged with schedule.

Is it possible to tag existing textrule from config file as schedule?

As far as I understand your question it is about DSL rules that are stored in text files in /etc/openhab/rules folder.
Rules that are configured in /etc/ folder are separated from UI rules that are stored in /var/lib/openhab/jsondb/automation_rules.json. This means it is not possible to make rules that are defined in text files visible in the UI. You would have to transfer them from text file and define them in the UI.

Ok, understood. Will do so. Thx!

I recommend to keep rules in .rules files.
There is no syntax checking when changing rules within MainUI
see here

Yep, that‘s a pity. Syntax Check would be helpful.

Not quite correct. The Rules will appear in the UI and you can manually run them and review them and such. But you cannot modify them in the UI.

And since the Rules DSL .rules file syntax doesn’t support setting a tag on a Rule, there is indeed no way to define a Rule in a .rules file as a Schedule or a Script. So if you want a rule to appear as a Schedule rule, you either need to define it in the UI or use one of the other rules languages which do support defining tags for rules.

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