How to tell openhab in which room I am? With Alexa?

Hey there,

I am looking for a solution to tell openhab where I am in my house.

My use case:

I want to have just one voice command “start tv” within Alexa and not many for every room (start tv in living room, start tv in sleeping room…).
So I need a rule in openhab which analyses in which room i am at the moment.

My idea was to use Alexa. Because in every room I have an Amazon echo (dot). So openhab just need to know which Alexa received the command and sent it to openhab.

Is there any solution for that?

Create a Switch and give it a label e.g. “living room”.
Then you have to say “Alexa living room on” which is not great but a workaround.

If hope that in the future we get the information about the room directly from alexa. currentliy i have installed two dots and one echo in diffferent rooms and if Alexa sends the appropriate room it would perfect, but that is future music.


so i am not that deep into the technical stuff, but alexa need to communicate with OH. so it will send a command from a specific IP. isnt it possible to take this IP or MAC and to identify which echo the command have sent?