How to test CC2531 dongle?

I flashed my CC2531 with the recommended firmware but openhab doesn’t see anything even a hue bulb that I deleted before. Is there any way I can test that dongle on windows with Z-tool? I can see the dongle but I’m not sure how to use any of the System or commands to run a scan or see any actual packets…

What “recommended firmware” did you use? And how did you try using it with openHAB? The Zigbee binding?

Has the hue bulb been factory reset? It can only be tied to one coordinator.

I used CC2531ZNP-Pro-Secure_Standard.hex downloaded from the TI website combined with the OH Zigbee binding (yes I was tempted to use a file from one of the multiple GIT repos but I decided to follow the OH guide by the letter). My CC2531 does answer to commands on the Z-Tool. On OpenHab it is showing as connected but I’m not sure if it is actually sending anything.

Also I enabled debug mode on OH, I can see the scan started but it doesn’t show any data going in or out of my CC2531.

Anyway that’s why I was trying to get something working with Z-Tool to confirm that the unit is sending/receiving anything.

Well that is where I’m not sure exactly what is going on. I had deleted that hue bulb from my current hue bridge and according to other threads, this is equivalent to a factory reset but I cannot confirm that it is the case. I also tried pairing a brand new Asana door detector but no luck either (anyway it seems that this asana one is tricky to pair).

I’ve seen other threads with similar symptoms and unsolved so I’m kinda wondering if my CC2531 is possibly defective.

This is true when it works. When I moved my hue bulbs off the hue hub all but a couple worked. So I advise try if it won’t pair then manually reset. Keep in mind a power cycle while searching for the bulb sometimes is needed. I take the same approach I search for devices if it’s doesn’t find anything I power cycle and search again.